Is It Possible to Get a Quick Quid Payday Loan in as Fast as One Day?


People may be in need of fast cash for different reasons. An emergency medical bill, utility bills that were not paid on time, budget for school or work, transportation allowance and other expenses that just can’t wait for the next payday. Some people may have kids and expenses can sometimes be unpredictable. Payday loans are best for these immediate needs because payday loans are the fastest types of loans these days.

Most people wonder if it is possible to get a payday loan in just one day. Most companies that offer payday loans usually transfer the loan amount to the borrower’s account in 24 to 48hrs but quick quid is one of the financial institutions that can provide payday loans in as fast as one day. Quickquid has also made their payday loan application very easy. There is no need to fax documents or wait for long credit checks.

Quick Quid is also popular for being able to make payday loan approvals even on holidays and weekends. Borrowers feel that they are valued and well taken care of because they don’t need to wait for the next banking day if their need for fast cash falls on a weekend. Unlike most financial institutions, They understands that the need for immediate funds may not be able to wait for the next business day hence they have extended their office till 10 pm even on weekends. Such gesture is appreciated by most borrowers who usually have immediate and urgent need for fast cash.

A borrower just needs to meet all the requirements and fill out the applications online. The quick quid requirements are pretty basic. A borrower just needs to be at least 18 years old, has a job that gives a regular salary and a bank account that is active. A potential borrower must also be a resident of the United Kingdom. A borrower who meets all the requirements can fill out the application form online and wait for a ten to thirty minutes for the application to be approved.

Payday loans are the fastest and easiest way to get emergency cash, however, it should not always be an option because the interest rate for payday loans are higher compared to other types of loans. Payday loans are also the best for borrowers who may not have very good credit history because most companies that offer payday loans don’t do credit checks and some companies may just do credit checks on first time customers.